Tradycyjna roślina włóknista

Nettle fiber is ready

Nettle fiber After a months of hard work my nettle fiber is ready. For me the most beautiful.  

Nettle- weaving part

  Nettles on weaving loom.   Before the nettle reached the loom,  it was twice boiled in ash (lye). I got rid of the leftovers that could be responsible for the spoiling. As a result, the nettle fabric becomes resistant to decay, destruction – even if it frequently and intensively undergoes soaking. That is why the…
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Amazing nettle

See this amazing plant. Nettle – the most delicate natural fiber.  

Nettle spinning

  Nettle spinning Single nettle fibers are short and very delicate. For drop-spindle I could afford the ideal fibers. However, the amounts that have been generated as part of this study, I decided to spin on the spinning wheel. I did not clean the nettle fiber so much that it was a bit stronger when…
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Different types of fiber

  Comparison 1. fiber removed from green nettle, dried, boiled in the ash about 2 hours 2. fiber removed from nettles, retted about a month on the grass

When nettle retting is finnished?

Nettle retting These are nettles  that I think are best retted (up to now). The fiber ( which I give to the next processing stage) is easily removed from them. They are dark, it is part of process, they also give more gray than the green fiber.  

Interesting things about nettle

When Germany and Austria ran short of cotton during the War, the value of the Nettle as a substitute was at once recognized, and the two ordinary species, U. dioica and U. urens, the great and the smaller Nettle, were specially selected for textiles. Among the many fibrous plants experimented with, the Nettle alone fulfilled…
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The study of nettle processing in Russia

Nettle fiber – you can learn a lot about it in Russia. The master here is Баранов Валерий Федорович / Baranow Valerij Fiedorowicz. here are only a few links with articles about the work of this man, about his achievements in the field of nettle fiber: It is worth getting acquainted with…
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9 kg of nettles :)

Nettle fiber   Almost 9 kg of green nettle, after removing the leaves. 1/3 for water retting, 1/3 for dew retting , and 1/3 for fiber removal right away. There is a lot of work with this method, but the fiber has the most beautiful color according to me (the fiber that will be created).…
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“August-collecting” nettles for fiber

Nettle for fiber This year’s weather made the vegetation faster by about a month 🙂 Nettles, which should be collected mainly in September and October – I gather now. 5kg nettles divided in 3 ways: retting, dew retting: this step breaks down the hard stem of the nettle making it easy to break away the…
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