Month: August 2018

Tradycyjna roślina włóknista

9 kg of nettles :)

Nettle fiber   Almost 9 kg of green nettle, after removing the leaves. 1/3 for water retting, 1/3 for dew retting , and 1/3 for fiber removal right away. There is a lot of work with this method, but the fiber has the most beautiful color according to me (the fiber that will be created).…
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“August-collecting” nettles for fiber

Nettle for fiber This year’s weather made the vegetation faster by about a month 🙂 Nettles, which should be collected mainly in September and October – I gather now. 5kg nettles divided in 3 ways: retting, dew retting: this step breaks down the hard stem of the nettle making it easy to break away the…
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