The study of nettle processing in Russia

Tradycyjna roślina włóknista

The study of nettle processing in Russia

Nettle fiber – you can learn a lot about it in Russia.

The master here is Баранов Валерий Федорович / Baranow Valerij Fiedorowicz.

here are only a few links with articles about the work of this man, about his achievements in the field of nettle fiber:

It is worth getting acquainted with his activities, he is a real enthusiast and professional who thanks to many years of experience is a master in what he does. Visiting and learning with Valerij is obligatory if you want to learn about nettle fiber. He taught me a lot and Im really greatfull for that. I noticed that nettles in this region of Russia are much richer in fiber than those from Warmia or Wysoczyzna Elbląska. However, the process of obtaining fiber can be successfully transferred to any terrain. Valerij is also an inventor, he has developed combing machines, an optimal technique for delicate fibers. He also built a spinning wheel and loom himself :). A study visit in Saransk and the surrounding area was prepared perfectly by Valerij, besides learning was also visiting museums (there are lot of them to visit ..) and a trip to the ethno-village, where the old ethnic group – Erzja nurtures and shows its traditions, including textile .



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