Month: December 2018

Tradycyjna roślina włóknista

Nettle fiber is ready

Nettle fiber After a months of hard work my nettle fiber is ready. For me the most beautiful.  

Nettle- weaving part

  Nettles on weaving loom.   Before the nettle reached the loom,  it was twice boiled in ash (lye). I got rid of the leftovers that could be responsible for the spoiling. As a result, the nettle fabric becomes resistant to decay, destruction – even if it frequently and intensively undergoes soaking. That is why the…
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Amazing nettle

See this amazing plant. Nettle – the most delicate natural fiber.  

Nettle spinning

  Nettle spinning Single nettle fibers are short and very delicate. For drop-spindle I could afford the ideal fibers. However, the amounts that have been generated as part of this study, I decided to spin on the spinning wheel. I did not clean the nettle fiber so much that it was a bit stronger when…
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